Winkwosov accused of bribing the governor of New York

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According to the media, the generous contributions of the Winklevoss brothers could have a direct impact on the decision to obtain a monopoly on ZCash by the Gemini Exchange in New York State

This Tuesday, the network received information that the brothers Winklevoss made a donation of $ 100,000 in April this year and another $ 30,000 in June for the election campaign of the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. He, in turn, announced his intention to be re-elected in November 2018.

At the same time, on May 14 of this year, the New York Department of Fin. services, also known as NYDFS, granted the BitLicense license to Gemini Trust to host the ZCash token. Thus, the Winklevoss Brothers Exchange has become the first trading platform offering its customers ZCash, whose capitalization according to Coinmarketcap is about 945.3 million dollars.

After the information about the donations got into the network, the media picked it up and began to say that such generous contributions could have a direct impact on the decision to obtain a monopoly on ZCash by the Gemini exchange. The governor’s press secretary, of course, denied the rumors, assuring that no donations could influence the decision of the authorities.

The representative of NYDFS also noted that during the consideration of the application information about the donations was not available and did not affect the decision made by the service.

The representative of Winklosov noted that they have always supported and continue to support strong leaders, including Governor Cuomo, whom the brothers consider the only worthy candidate for this position.

It’s funny that with all this, the two previous campaigns, Cuomo brothers somehow missed out.

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