Wikileaks calls for global blockade of Coinbase

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The subdivision of the well-known international non-profit organization Wikileaks Shop, which distributes its paraphernalia, informed about the blocking of its cryptic help on Coinbase. The company managed to stay afloat mainly at the expense of crypto-currency donations and income from the store. Therefore, Wikileaks calls Coinbase actions arbitrary and call on everyone to arrange and stop any interaction with this platform.

To the tweet, in which the store’s lock was announced, the organization also attached a notice from Coinbase, which states that WikiLeaks Shop violated the rules of using the company’s services and therefore will not be able to use its services in the future.

Also in the notification from Coinbase, it is written that the organization is an MBS (the company that conducts foreign exchange transactions) and falls under the jurisdiction of the American Commission for the Investigation of Financial Crimes (FinCEN), and therefore is obliged to comply with all the rules prescribed by the regulator.


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