Whales are manipulating the market to secure an optimal entry point


This opinion is very common in the community against the background of an unprecedented collapse. Is there a reason? We understand

This opinion is very common in the community against the backdrop of an unprecedented collapse, which we are all witnesses of today. In addition, the main financial regulator of the United States – the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – not only does not make any movements towards resolving the issue but rather creates conditions for further manipulations by the “powerful”, the so-called Wild West in the cryptocurrency space.

What do the whales think?
It is logical to assume that such activity is associated with the greed of big players who realize that the coming year carries a lot of positive factors for the crypto industry – the SEC decision on Bitcoin-ETF, the launch of the Bakkt platform, the Fidelity cryptocurrency extension, the Nasdaq initiative regarding Bitcoin futures – and therefore the long-awaited rise in asset rates.

All these prerequisites make digital currencies a “tasty morsel” for serious investors — an instrument on which you can earn powerful capital in a relatively short period of time. Naturally, the lower the rate today – the higher the profit in the future, you do not need to be a great financier in order to realize this.

In this context, the picture looks very logical and plausible when the “powerful people” take certain steps, use pressure levers, “pull the necessary strings” in order to ensure an optimal entry point to the market. Moreover, it is easy to manipulate an unregulated industry using its channels as it is convenient, despite any rules and recommendations.

Recall the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE), which in 2017 were the first to offer bitcoin futures – a product, in fact, for large investors – and a parallel flight to the moon of bitcoin and altcoins at the same time. Just a coincidence? Yes, perhaps the global HYIP and a powerful wave of asset purchases have also become a catalyst for a bullish rally, however, innovation – the emergence of Bitcoin in the “official financial circles” – certainly played a crucial role in such a rapid growth of the market.

What now? SEC once again postpones consideration of Bitcoin-ETF for 2019, the launch of Bakkt was postponed to 2019 – all this news is accompanied by an immediate fall in cryptocurrency rates. Can large serious players benefit from such decisions that change the situation in the cryptocurrency market for the worse? Not? Doubt …

In addition, on the eve it became known about a hundred new wallets of 8,000 bitcoins each with similar transactions and replenishments, which is regarded by analysts as a major “whale” purchase. Isn’t it strange and not promising?

Hodl gentlemen

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