Tron buys BitTorrent: transaction amount – $ 140 million

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Rumors about the purchase and its signs have been on the market for a long time, but only now the deal was formally concluded

The project Tron bought BitTorrent at a price of 140 million dollars. According to experts, Tron specialists will now be able to advertise with the help of BitTorrent the idea of distributed systems.

BitTorrent is a company that created uTorrent, a well-known program that allows you to exchange files in a distributed system. The company has suffered losses in recent years, although it was popular, it’s all about bad management. TRON is a blockchain platform for providing access to entertainment content. The founders of Tron are going to capture the world entertainment market, which today, according to some estimates, costs up to a trillion dollars.

BitTorrent has long been one of the flagships of decentralized networks and therefore can help Tron in this environment. The purchase also includes BitTorrent Now – a network of assistance to musicians and artists based on the same technologies as on the torrent client itself. Information on the amount of the transaction is not, but, TechCrunch reported a figure of 140 million dollars (about a dollar account for each of the 170 million armies that downloaded uTorrent). Tron does not sound any further intentions regarding BitTorrent, but, according to various estimates, Tron with its help can repel accusations of plagiarism and, probably, create a mining platform.

In 2017, BitTorrent changed its name to Rainberry (and even then began to creep rumors about the purchase), and after – became a party to the court because it violated the obligation not to consider new proposals for the transfer of assets. Such an item was contained in the agreement just behind the signature of TRON founder Justin Sun. At the end of February, this year in California registered the company Rainberry Acquisition, where Justin Sun is designated by the owner.

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