Time has included a blockchain startup in the list of the “50 most brilliant companies of 2018”

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Time magazine added Bitland blockchain-start-up, which uses distributed registry technology for land registries in African countries, to the list of “50 most brilliant companies of 2018”.

To compile it, the magazine staff interviewed editors and correspondents in order to identify “organizations inventing the future.” The main points in the classification indicated the influence of the company and its success. What is amusing is the fact that a minority of crypto-enthusiasts heard about this project, but this did not prevent him from entering the rating along with corporations-giants like Apple, Spacex and Netflix.

The founder of Bitland is Narigamba Mwinsumbo, who founded the company in 2016 and quickly gained fame in Ghana. At the moment, the IMF claims that 9 out of 10 land plots in Ghana are not registered, because citizens will not be able to rely on the help of professional lawyers if civil strife occurs due to the theft of land.

Bitland, on the other hand, offers landowners to check for the presence of relevant documents and registers this data in the blockchain network, complementing the exact GPS coordinates of the sites. The startup conducts its activities together with the department. In addition to Ghana, it operates in 7 countries in Africa and in India.

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