The virus extorts bitcoins from ASIC owners

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Chinese miners cryptocurrency reported on the hAnt virus attacking Antminer devices from Bitmain. It is reported Trustnodes with reference to local media.

According to the publication, a malicious code appeared in the firmware to speed up the equipment from 13.5 to 18 Th / s. The virus does not show any activity for some time after installing the aforementioned software, and then changes the addresses of the wallets to which the extracted bitcoins are sent.

Wang Wei, one of the first victims of the malicious hAnt code, noted that within one night – until the miner discovered the virus intervening in his 4,000 pieces of bitcoin mining equipment – he lost more than $ 8,000 as a result of the devices starting to send mined cryptocurrencies to other addresses.

It is noted that to remove the virus, you must format the SD card and completely reinstall the operating system. To carry out such a procedure, miners need about four days, which will lead to substantial losses on the scale of large farms for the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

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