The Metronome Cryptocurrency has been bought up almost half for three transactions

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In the purchase of a large number of tokens suspected “whales”, which, therefore, could get more power over the course of the cryptocurrency

Jeff Garcia, who previously worked on the Bitcoin Core project, aroused the resentment of the community when it was discovered that about 40% of the Metronome project’s tokens were bought by only three independent parties.

About the development of Metronome was announced in October last year when the startup Garcia Bloq posted relevant information. The project aims to create a cryptocurrency with the ability to move between different blockchain.

Despite the ambiguous reputation of the creator, Metronome, one of the organizers of the never-seen update of SegWit2x, the developers of the project promise to create “a cryptocurrency for ages. According to the creators, institutional investors should be extremely happy about the appearance of this product.

The developers promise to issue 10 million MET tokens, 8 million of which will go to the ICO. The rest of the money will be given to the Bloq team. The sale of tokens took place in the form of an “autonomous auction with a falling price.”

“Over time, the value of the MET token will decrease in a linear function, until the selling time ends or the MET tokens run out,” the creators report.

Those who would like, but could not take part in the project, because suddenly a lot of tokens were bought almost at a time, and there were complaints in social networks. “Very large whales took almost all the tokens in the last minutes of the sale,” says the Reddit user, pointing to 3 transactions for a total of about 3.3 million tokens. One of the “whales” at a time acquired almost 2 million tokens.

The team has not yet commented on the situation that causes excitement in the community. Jeff Garzik, who previously criticized the vulnerability of the altcoins to the machinations of “pump-and-dump”, according to users, made the same mistake in the course of selling its own cryptocurrency.

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