The launch of the official NANO wallet is delayed for legal reasons

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The official purse of NANO’s cryptocurrency was in the beta test phase when the company had legal problems with Apple’s App Store. Representatives of the company said that because of this, the official launch of the service can be postponed.

Developers have already begun work to eliminate bugs

Nano wallets provide their users with a high level of security through encryption, without forcing them to synchronize their wallets to receive and make payments. In addition, the platform source code is open and available on GitHub.

Now the development team is busy fixing a large number of bugs and problems that the service encountered. How well the wallet will work will show the volume of transactions and the widespread adoption of the product by users. In this case, the application must comply with the legal standards of the App Store.

NANO provides its users with a system for making free, scalable transactions. Delays on the platform are minimal, and very modest resources are required to complete P2P transactions. RaiBlocks rebranded, becoming NANO, earlier this year.

Cryptocurrency NANO

At noon on the UTC, the NANO rate was at around $ 6.05. Now NANO has a market capitalization of $ 805 million, thereby being on the 30th line in the ranking of the largest crypto-currencies. Despite the fact that during the last week the chicken fell by almost $ 2, analysts expect that soon the coin will reach the mark of $ 10.

The main developer of NANO, Colin LeMaye, said that the delays associated with the launch of Nanowallet, are caused by the team’s desire to make sure that all legal issues have been resolved.

“Global adoption of the Nano by the audience around the world is our main goal, and we must fully assess all the risks. Not sexy, but, nevertheless, necessary. “

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