The HDAC presented blockchain-development to the spectators of the World Cup

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Hyundai’s “daughter” presented 30 million viewers with ads for its projects on the basis of a blockchain in the football match between England and Sweden.

Advertising Hyundai Digital Asset Company was shown on TV channels ITV and BBC. The company presented a high-tech future for everyone, where the unit would be integrated into all spheres of life, but attention was concentrated mainly on IoT-devices.

According to the head of HDAC, Chang Dai San, their main mission is to create an entire ecosystem for IoT-devices with the maximum level of security, using both private and open lockers.

The video showed the life of an ordinary family, which actively uses the instant payment system based on the technology of the distributed registry. The whole of their house is protected with blockchain technology, smart gadgets can read meter readings themselves, and the communal payment is also automatic.

This type of advertising is not chosen by chance, because it is on the example of the family that viewers are trying to convey the soap that the blockchain should be associated with reliability. They are shown what advantages the innovative technologies can provide in seemingly extremely ordinary things.

Unfortunately, the public still erroneously draws a parallel between the crypto-currencies and the darknet. Many believe that this is nothing more than a convenient way to launder money for intruders. Although in fact, even large corporations everywhere integrate the blockchain into their development, convincing everyone that this technology is the bright future that we so often draw in books and films.

We sincerely wish HDAC to convey to people the main idea that the blockchain can and will serve the public good by enlisting the support of the largest brands from all over the world.

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