The FedEx Institute is partnering with a pharmacy to use blockchain to distribute cancer drugs.

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The FedEx Institute of Technology has announced its partnership with Good Shepherd Pharmacy, a drugstore company, to help patients with cancer patients receive medicines.

The FedEx Technology Institute announced its partnership with Good Shepherd Pharmacy pharmacy services company to develop a new technology-based infrastructure to help patients with cancer patients receive medicines.

The FedEx Institute of Technology is an organization that acts as an intermediary for interdisciplinary research in the field of new technologies that operates in tandem with the research infrastructure of the University of Memphis. The organizations launched the Institute in February this year, with the goal of making the University of Memphis a center of technology and research.

According to reports, the Memphis pharmaceutical company Good Shepherd Pharmacy has recognized the blockchain as a way to extract unused medicines and transfer them to economically disadvantaged patients who are unable to pay for treatment. A reliable and unchanged register will allow the safe and confidential distribution of medical information. Good Shepherd Pharmacy CEO Phil Baker said:


“In Tennessee alone, quality prescription drugs costing more than $ 10 million each year are washed into the toilet. The blockchain is the solution to the problem. The REMEDI project (REclaiming MEDicine) will redirect valuable medicines into the hands of patients who otherwise would not have been able to use them. “


The Institute will hold an event to attract fellow experts and enthusiasts and discuss the initiative proposed by Good Shepherd. The event will be held in tandem with Blockchain 901, a professional organization whose goal is to expand the workforce in the Memphis area.

In May, FedEx CEO Fred Smith said that the blockchain would become “the next frontier that will completely change the world supply chain.” In February, FedEx joined the transport group in the Transport Alliance (BiTA), a focus group that includes the railway operator BNSF, JD Logistics and GE Transport.

Last month, another blockchain-based pharmaceutical project was announced by Microsoft and the organization providing solutions for tracking the supply of Agents. The new system provides end-to-end traceability and visibility from the origin to the entire supply chain, allowing users to track individual products.

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