The Chinese miner laid a cable along the bottom of the pond to steal electricity from an oil well.

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The equipment was found in a small shed 200 meters from the oil well. 20 Bitcoin mining devices were confiscated.

Chinese law enforcement officers arrested a miner who stole electricity from an oil well near his farm.

On May 28, the police station received a call from the management of the Daqing oil field, located in the Heilongjiang province of China.

According to local media, an enterprising miner laid electrical cables along the bottom of one of the fish ponds and connected to the drilling rig.

The local police had to use unmanned aerial vehicles in order to take the attacker red-handed and collect enough evidence to open a criminal case. The equipment was found in a small shed 200 meters from the well, 20 devices for bitcoin mining were confiscated. The building was surrounded on all sides by a pond, along the bottom of which precious energy “flowed”.

The damage caused to the oil company is estimated at $ 7,000, and how much cryptocurrency was produced is not specified.

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