The British government will store digital data on the blockchain

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The British government has disclosed plans for a pilot project to store digital data in the blockchain.

The initiative was disclosed in a statement by Balaji Anbil, Head of Digital Architecture and Cybersecurity at Her Majesty’s Court and the Tribunal Service (HMCTS) of the Ministry of Justice.

In his statement, Anbil revealed that the HMCTS push to study the technology of a common registry is an important part of the judicial reform plan. HMCTS and the team of the British office of Open Innovation held a joint meeting to determine how the blockchain and digital registers can help in carrying out judicial reforms.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Sadek Ferdous, a technology fellow and research associate at Imperial College in London. He explained to participants that the decentralized nature of distributed registries gives them a very high level of integrity and provides innovative solutions for data storage.

He went further and explained how a blockchain can help in the management of digital data, creating a reliable audit trail that monitors detention and prevents possible interference. This audit trail is essentially the basis for recording the judicial system about the creation, modification, and access to digital evidence of an object.

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