The Australian government awards a grant to the “sugar blockchain” project.

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The Australian government provided $ 1.7 million for a project dedicated to sustainable Sugar Project.

The Sustainable Sugar project, led by the Queensland Cane Growers organization, will use blockchain technology to track sources of sugar supplies to Australia. The initiative, known as the “Best Practice for Managing Smart Cane” (BMP), is part of the desire of the sugar industry for better sustainability and traceability.

Blockchain technology will enable buyers to clearly see the origin of sugar cane and to confirm the source and sustainability of the farm. Canegrowers subsequently stated:

“The main attribute of the technology blockchain is the fact that it is a safe database in which all transactions are recorded and visible … the quality of sugar produced from sustainably grown cane can be traced through the chain, which gives consumers confidence in what they buy.”

On their own initiative, industry experts and sugar cane farmers cooperated in best practices and industry standards based on productivity, sustainability and profitability.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources said that large sugar buyers in the future will be able to pay for sustainable sugar, as consumers’ demand for sustainable products is increasing. Minister of Agriculture David Littproud said:

“This technology will ensure the sustainability of our sugar and allow reed farmers to use sustainable methods that can attract a reward for their product.”

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