Superstar NBA Stephen Curry had a copy in the game CryptoKitties

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The star Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, had his own “crypto-kitten”. In addition, Curry became the first star, represented in this way in the game.

Kathy Tedman, representative of the CryptoKitties project:

“We are launching the Stephen Curry CryptoKitties series, and there will be three exclusive CryptoKitties by Stephen Curry representing his personality. The first will be sold to them, and its decision will sell or not the other two. “

The CryptoKitties team also worked together with Moji, an emoji-application owned by Curry.

However, the partnership with Curry means more than just adding a celebrity to the platform.

Bryce Bladon, co-founder of the project:

“Introducing CryptoKitties, expanding the technology of blockchain to another audience, demonstrating” crypto “outside the” currency, “are our main motivation.”

According to Tedman, “CryptoKitties is in many ways an important step in this area. It’s a great way to test IP in this environment. ”

He also noted that he will closely monitor the launch of the first branded kittens, which “is obviously a very exciting moment.”

“The cats have reached the moon,” he added.

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