Steve Wozniak: Bitcoin is not the best investment tool.

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Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, in an interview with Bloomberg said that Bitcoin is not the most successful investment tool. He noted that such assets can be used for settlements in cafes and restaurants, as well as in international travels, but it is not yet advisable to invest in long-term cryptocurrency.

Steve Wozniak explained this position by the comparative novelty of Bitcoin and the presence of a huge number of inexperienced users and traders, who often strongly influence the course with their unprofessional actions, and this cannot be reasonably predicted. That is why, Bitcoin, in the opinion of Apple’s co-founder, is worth considering only as an experiment, and not as a viable investment tool.

In addition, Wozniak is confident that the current collapse of the Bitcoin course is not the destruction of its value, as it may seem at first glance, but rather the creation.

Earlier, Steve Wozniak said that he sold all his Bitcoins at the end of last year when the cryptographic market was at its historic peak, and the main world cryptocurrency cost about $ 20,000.

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