Startup Learning Machine raised $ 3 million of investments

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The blockchain start-up Learning Machine, which is developing, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the technology of transferring academic diplomas to the blockchain, has collected $ 3 million of investments.

The fixed assets came from PTB Ventures, with the additional participation of Omidyar Network and Learn Capital. The initiative is based on the standard Blockchain, posted with open source.

What are the advantages of this development?

Last fall, other institutions and organizations also launched Blockchain-based pilot projects, including the University of Melbourne and the Government of Malta. The software toolkit, according to Natalie Smolensky, the Learning Machine’s vice president of business development, will link academic certificates with various blockchain, including the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain, in order to combat forgery.

Smolensky noted that customers will be able to use the blockchain that they want, while many customers, she said, may prefer private chains to private ones.

“Now, partly because the technology of the blockchain is relatively new, the question of which blockchain is better than others causes strong emotions, the blockchain has generated fierce loyalty.”

Soon the educational institutions will switch to the blockchain

The vice-president also suggested that in the future educational institutions will more often use blockchain technology. She also said that she hopes that educational institutions will learn to use open source projects.а

“This is the future. By 2020, most organizations will use the blockchain system in one way or another, and the question we must now answer is whether these solutions will be provided with open standards, or will they be patented? “

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