Sony filed two patent applications related to the blockchain

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Technological giant Sony filed two patent applications at once, within which it can register a new hardware approach to ensure the work of the blockchain

It became known that the technology giant Sony filed immediately two applications for patents, within which can register a new hardware approach to ensure the work of the blockchain.

Information on two patents was published by the Office for Patents and Trademarks of the United States. They received the names “Electronic node and method of ensuring the work of the blockchain”, and also “Device and system”. According to experts, these documents are able to give Sony the opportunity to actively use distributed registry technology in its future products.

In general, patent applications are focused on the use of blockchain technologies in the management of educational data and the security sector.

The first document about the “electronic node” contains multiple mentions of the mining process, as well as a description of the principle of the network, similar to the basis of the blockchain, but formed by the nodes. The second application focuses on the security of the network, consisting of nodes.

In general, Sony may well create a platform for connecting innovative technology to its own products. Moreover, they already have experience in developing blockchain-based platforms. To recall at least the one they offered to schools in order to check the progress of their students.

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