Research Institute in China every month will publish a rating of Crypto-Currency

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According to Chinese media, the research organization, which is located in the Ministry of Industry and Information of the PRC, will now publish ratings of the Crypto-currency every month. This news was reported at a seminar organized by China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID).

What are these ratings for, if there is a CoinMarketCap?

This enterprise will be an independent rating system for the digital currency industry. Analogues of it are Moody’s and Standard & Poor.

They called this system a “global index of public blockchain evaluation.” Initially, it will analyze the top 28 detainees by such criteria as technological capabilities and scope of use. The ratings will include Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, Verge, Stratis, Cardano, Monero, NEM, Zcash, DASH, Waves and other crypto-currencies.

The scope of Research Institute

The research institution, which will develop this rating, specializes in technical developments. Since last year in the CCID was opened a department that works with the blockchain.

Since 1995, the activities of CCID have been studying and testing software, developing a political course for various industries and researching the latest technologies.

Now CCID together with the Ministry of Industry and Informatization is actively working on the creation of national standards for the detachment.

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