On the building of the Central Bank of Slovakia appeared giant logo bitcoin

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This week, on the buildings of Slovak banks, including on the building of the Central Bank, appeared giant bitcoin emblems, placed by activists in protest.

The initiators of this action were the representatives of Paralelni Polis – a well-known to the whole world of the Czech stronghold supporters of digital currencies with headquarters in the heart of Prague. By the way, this year they also had a branch in Bratislava.

This Thursday the organizers published in their Instagram account a video with protests directed against local banks, which, they said, are hostile not only to projects based on the blockchain but also to those who take an active part in them.

“Hunting for witches under the guise of a ban on crypto-currency companies and blocking the operations of crypto-bureau is still going on. The lighting of banks is a kind of attempt to dispel the darkness. Similar attacks in the direction of crypto-currencies are no different from those in the XV century. prevented the development of the technology of printing. Do not block the path of a new era – decentralization and blockchain! “- With such a message, local supporters of the cryptocurrency appealed to banks.

Regular attacks on crypto-currencies occur not only in the territory of Slovakia, but throughout Europe, that is why it is very important to react quickly and, most importantly, to react constructively to them, otherwise, there is a risk of letting things go by themselves and reducing digital currencies to total bureaucracy and control.

Recall that this is not the first such case. At the end of April, the Trust Square blockchain hub, who moved to the building directly opposite the National Bank of Switzerland, projected a huge bitcoin emblem on the building of the bank’s main office.

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