MyEtherWallet will increase security with a mobile application

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MyEtherWallet, the most popular online crypto wallet, will finally launch a mobile application that will increase the security of users.

The creators of the wallet presented the mobile application MEW Connect, whose goal will be to create conditions for secure login to user accounts.

In the coming days, the beta version on the IOS platform will be launched. Given that at the moment the site has more than 600 000 visitors per day – the demand for the beta version will be high. For those who have not been too lucky – it’s not so long to wait. The full application is expected to be launched in September. The version on Android is also in development and, presumably, will be launched at the same time.

The way the MEW Connect application works is simple enough – the user will have to read the unique QR code, instead of the usual input of the private key, which posed a security risk. In addition, the creators are planning to complement the application functions of TouchID. Regarding the technical part, MyEtherWallet confirmed that it uses Apple’s keychain services to encrypt data.

The application itself at login requires that the master password be first set: the application evaluates the reliability of the password and provides a set of reserved words, similar to a device from Trezor or Ledger. The master password is designed to prevent unauthorized entry. Reserve words are the key to getting access to your wallet in case you lose your phone.

The main application screen has a design in the style of a debit card, and it can be assumed that some forms of payments can be added, most obviously peer-to-peer, in order to simplify the sending process of cryptocurrency.

“This would be the best option for the development of communities in the near future. Support payments will be a huge advantage for the entire industry. But first we want users to get used to the concept of MEW Connect, scan the QR code and create a P2P connection, “said MyAtherWallet founder Kosal Hemachandra.

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