McAfee is going to fight the SEC “to the last breath”

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John McAfee, the founder of the company-developer of the antivirus McAfee, said in his Twitter that he was against equating ICO-tokens with securities.

Moreover, the well-known programmer specified that he would resist this decision “to the last breath”. With this statement, McAfee commented on the statement by Jay Clayton, who holds the position of head of the SEC, about the fact that ICO-tokens should be equated to securities. If this happens, the tokens will be fully controlled by the state authority.

Some time ago, a state official said that, in his opinion, all crypto-currencies, accept bitcoin, are classified as securities.

“Much of what I saw in ICO-tokens is a proposal of securities. I do not know how much [clear] I can speak about it, “Clayton said.

To which method of struggle with the US authorities will resort to McAfee, it is now unknown, but earlier all his actions of this nature ended with a public debate with the head of the SEC.

In addition, the programmer holds the view that the cryptocurrency market does not need legislative regulation at all, arguing that the influence from outside is not always able to solve any problems.

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