Ledger can get investments from Samsung, Google, and Siemens

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President Ledger Pascal Gautier asserts that a new round of financing will attract industrial giants and contribute to the conclusion of commercial contracts

Ledger is one of the largest manufacturers of hardware crypto-currency wallets, which guarantee the safe preservation of client assets. In 2017, the company sold more than 1 million devices, receiving a total of more than $ 29 million. Now, representatives of the company announced the next round of attracting investments, planning to get an even larger amount in the course of it.

President Ledger Pascal Gautier noted that the January round was completely focused on venture capitalists, which contributed to the speedy development of the company’s business. The new one, from his words, will attract industrial giants and facilitate the conclusion of commercial contracts.

The edition of Forbes claims that the upcoming round has already attracted the attention of such technology giants of the industry as Samsung, Google, and Siemens. Companies predict a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion, after investments from such large market players.

Gaultier also noted that at the moment, their Ledger Vault, created to manage the bank’s crypto-currency assets, hedge funds and companies of all sizes, caused a real sensation among its target audience.

In addition, having integrated Vault, the company teamed up with Japanese Nomura Bank to develop a solution for storing institutional investors. It was called Komainu and will be used to build an infrastructure that offers full safety of the digital assets of institutional investors.

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