Intel develops a blockchain-based solution for the control of narcotic drugs

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Intel led the development of a blockchain-based solution that will track the supply chain of drugs that cause drug addiction.

The platform testing will be attended by major partner companies, for example, the international company Johnson & Johnson.

This system is aimed at tracing narcotic drugs from the time they are produced and before distribution to distribution points, it is intended to use a special labelling, through which it will be possible to determine at what stage of the supply chain the medicines have been stolen. Also, the platform should help in cases of “double referral to the doctor”, when patients receive prescriptions for the same drug from different specialists.

The primary task in the testing phase of the system will be the input of information from project participants to stimulate the transparent movement of medicines through the supply chain. If the pilot project successfully copes with the task, this blockchain solution will be put into operation already in the second half of this year.

This project is being developed as a countermeasure to the “opioid crisis in the United States,” but according to David Holding, director of the security and personal data protection division of David Holding’s health and life sciences healthcare system, the platform should be deployed globally, as part of the drugs enter the US market from for the border.

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