Indian Exchange Coinsecure hacked,  $ 3 million stolen

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In the notification to its customers, the Coinsecure exchange confirmed that hackers stole from the 438 BTC platform – $ 3 million.

However, later reports say that it was not hacking, but the disclosure of private keys to offline wallets, which resulted in the intruders being able to capture the BTC without leaving traces of hacking.

Representatives of Coinsecure in an official letter said that the victims will return the stolen funds regardless of the amount of loss. At the moment, the main suspect is the insider Amitabha Saksana.

The Cyber ​​Police Department of Delhi determined that the crime falls under sections of the IPC and section 66 of the Information Technology Act.

It also became known that hackers deleted the whole history of the waggons hacked. This information could help the investigation shed light on what happened.

Coinsecure cracking occurred just a few days after the Reserve Bank of India announced that its regulated enterprises would not take part in transactions related to crypto-currencies.

We will follow the news and fresh reports from Coinsecure and the Delhi police on this incident.


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