In the world, there are already 3125 machines for buying bitcoin

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Despite the lackluster price dynamics of the world’s largest cryptocurrency in recent months, the ATM bitcoin industry feels the best.

Every day, 6.15 ATM bitcoins are installed in the world

According to CoinATMradar, the number of vending machines that take bitcoin crossed the 3,000 mark in mid-May and is now 3,125 around the world. Interestingly, the number of such devices has exceeded 1000 pieces total

The bitcoin rate did not affect the amount of ATM

Interestingly, the drop in the bitcoin rate in the first quarter of this year did not affect the speed of installation of new automatic devices. On the contrary, in the last 3 months, the ATM bitcoin market has been growing at an unprecedented rate, which speaks of an increase in demand, and that the business remains profitable for companies installing these devices, even despite price volatility.

Moreover, it grew to 35% and the share of machines, allowing both to buy and sell bitcoin. Even though the number of trade offers with altcoins has increased, bitcoin remains in the field of ATM out of competition: 99.99% of machines receive bitcoin and only 50% support altcoins.

The most popular altcoin in this context is Litecoin: silver coin supports 47.8% of machines, followed by Ethereum, supported by 28.1% ATM.

The market of manufacturers of ATM

In total, 31 companies make ATM-ATMs. The largest share in the market is occupied by Genesis Coin (34.37%), General Bytes (27.49%) and Lamassu (11.23%).

The largest number of devices installed in the US (more than 1800 cars), followed by Canada (477), and in third place is Austria (174).

You can buy bitcoin even in railway kiosks

ATM bitcoin is just one example of the growth of the crypto-currency industry. In addition to machines, people can buy and sell bitcoin with the help of vouchers, gift cards, kiosks, etc.

For example, bitcoin can be purchased in 1357 railway kiosks in Switzerland and 7000 kiosks in Ukraine. In Canada, the network of cash machines Flexepin stretched over more than 5500 seats.

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