In the Brave browser, you can watch ads and receive money

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The company launches an “experimental phase” of the project, whose participants will be issued BAT tokens for viewing ads

Brave Software, the developer of a secure web browser with crypto-lag support, launches an advertising rewards program.

As previously stated, the browser from Brendan Eich, the developer of the Javascript language, will have the ability to view advertising for electronic money: Basic Attention Token (BAT). According to the creators, after the launch, the system will allow distributing up to 70% of all revenues from advertising placements.

The product will allow you to choose whether to completely block advertising or earn money for viewing it. BAT is an internal protocol token based on the Ethereum blockchain, which, according to the documentation, can be used in calculations between advertisers and advertising platforms. Service Uphold will automatically translate the tokens into a currency.

The concept of the project involves viewing “passive” advertising that does not track the actions of the user and does not transfer his data to third parties. By default, the program blocks all ads. The developers believe that the current business model is “profiting” on the user instead of building partnerships – and this needs to be corrected.

At the current, experimental stage, only 250 announcements will be shown – to those participants who applied for in the project forum. The behavior of the subjects will be monitored by the company’s specialists, which means that one should not expect complete confidentiality.

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