Hacked wallet on the platform Bancor

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Hackers stole about 13.5 million US dollars in the ETH and NPXS cryptocurrency

Recall that yesterday, the project representatives announced the emerging problems in the security system of the project and temporarily suspended all operations until the issues that have arisen will be resolved.

The compromised wallet, in which hackers found the vulnerability and removed 24 984 ETH (about $ 12.5 million) and 229 million NPXS (about $ 1 million), was responsible for updating the smart contract.

The project’s security system managed to prevent theft of 3.2 million BNT (about $ 10 million) because there was an automatic freeze of the output of these tokens. The Bancor protocol provides for an immediate freezing of assets with suspicious attempts to withdraw. However, the stolen ETH and NPXS system did not react properly.

The developers of the platform stated about close cooperation with other crypto-exchange exchanges in order to quickly track the stolen tokens and prevent criminals from selling assets.

The cost of BNT fell sharply fell, despite the fact that the attackers could not steal them.

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