Google blocks all extensions for crypto mining

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Google blocks all extensions for crypto mining in Chrome

  • Starting today, Google will no longer accept applications for the addition of mining extensions sent to the Google Market in Chrome
  • All existing extensions with the mining code will be removed from the store in July
  • Blockchain extensions not related to mining will not be removed, their applications will be considered in the previous mode

If you find that your processor is constantly loaded, even when the PC is in the standby mode, the Chrome extension may be responsible for this. Encoder-intruders can hide the code for cryptocurrency mining in extensions, using your computer as an unwitting miner. But starting today, Google will block all Chrome extensions that contain crypto-code, even those that initially warn of its presence.

According to information provided by Google, about 90% of all mining extensions in Chrome violate the two basic rules set by the company: the application should be created only for the crypto-currency mining and the user must receive a notice of his work, which is followed by only 10% of the Chrome extension with the Mining- script. In order to counter such a situation, Google will block all applications, including those that comply with all the rules.

Despite this, Google still spent time clarifying the fact that blockchain extensions not related to mining will be accepted and approved if they comply with all the rules of use.

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