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On Sunday, Team Tronics, the candidate for the election of TRON superintendents, announced plans to launch an “online university” in which students will receive a reward at TRX for learning TRON and blockchain technology.

Election of super-representatives

On June 26, the first elections of super representatives (SR) TRON are scheduled. 27 representatives with the largest number of votes will be able to occupy these honorary “posts”. SR will be rewarded for fulfilling its role in managing the TRON network.

However, SR must be re-elected in order to retain their seat. To do this, they need to do their job well and spend part of their TRX, so that they continue to vote for the vote. One example of such initiatives is the creation of useful applications.

University of Team Tronics

The Tronics team spends at least 70% of the earned TRX in order to get the role of SR. The company plans to create an educational online center, where you can learn more about TRON and about the technology of blockchain.

All members of the TRON community (ie, all TRX holders) can be enrolled in the university, take part in educational courses, quizzes, and assignments. The amount of remuneration for the task will depend on its complexity.

There are three levels of complexity:

  • Newbie
  • Expert
  • Expert

How will “pairs”

At a time, each student will take one lesson, after which you can move on to the next lesson. All students will start with the first year. Each task or survey will be one lesson, and the course will consist of several lessons. Rewards (in TRX) will be appointed in the order of the competition. Students who vote in elections for Team Tronics will receive higher rewards.

Information on the amount of remuneration will be reported in mid-July. Enrollment will begin this fall.

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