Facebook lifts the ban on advertising cryptocurrency

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On the ICO, the lifting of the prohibition does not apply.

Facebook management has revised its position on advertising cryptocurrency on its pages. Henceforth, this kind of ads is allowed to publish after careful moderation and comprehensive verification of the “SCAM” administration social network.

In order to place advertising for the cryptocurrency, users must submit an application, where mandatory data must be present on the availability of a compulsory license, description of the advertised product, it should also be indicated whether the company is trading on public stock exchanges.

Director of Product Management Facebook Rob Lizern said:

“Recently, we have explored the possibilities for clarifying this policy in order to allow some announcements. Starting June 26, we will allow the promotion of crypto-currencies and related content to advertisers with prior authorization. However, we will remove misleading advertising related to similar products and services, so we ask users to report violations of advertising policies in our service by clicking on the “Report abuse” in the upper right corner of the suspicious ad ”

Note that the lifting of the ban does not apply to the ICO.


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