Decentralized Capital and Custodian Vaults will create a cryptocurrency store

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Australian consulting company Decentralized Capital reported on cooperation with the firm Custodian Vaults in order to create a crypto-currency depository.

The main activity of the first is the management of clients’ assets, the second one offers users the storage of their gold reserves, securities, and funds in safes. Therefore, it is readily believed that by combining their efforts, firms will be able to create an excellent service.

The same opinion was expressed by Stephen Moss, head of Decentralized Capital, who stated that the joint project is effective, and most importantly, a reliable solution for the industry offering the highest degree of security in the Australian market. He also noted that it is unlikely that those who perceive crypto-currencies as a bubble will be able to deny the prospect of the blockchain – the technology underlying them.

Moss claims that the storehouse will give consumers direct access to their assets and guarantees combined physical observation, identification through biometric data, advanced video surveillance and signaling (including firefighting).

As their target audience, the companies are determined by institutional investors, various trading platforms from around the world, as well as issuers of token sale seeking to provide the maximum degree of security.

The head of the company Pallion, owning Custodian Vaults, said that the decision to join the crypto-currency storage industry is primarily due to the growing demand of customers for such services. And although earlier they were engaged exclusively in traditional assets, the company is ready to expand the horizon, offering a solution for storing digital currencies.

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