Crypto-currency Stellar increased by 30%

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The value of Stellar’s cryptocurrency grew by 30%, reaching its two-month high and is now 31 cents.

At Binance last night, the price for 1 Stellar token was $ 0.30, and the turnover of this currency broke through a mark of $ 24 million. In other words, investors are showing increasing interest in this token.

Growth, as always, is due not to one, but to several factors. First, the statement that Stellar will have its own trading pair with the US dollar positively affected the price, and secondly, despite the growth of bitcoin, almost all the top ten currencies showed growth, albeit not as active as Stellar.

On the trade of currency pairs said the company Stronghold, headquartered in San Francisco, which is currently developing a payment and trading ecosystem for assets.

The growth of the coin was an excellent news for many investors of Stellar, especially against the backdrop of the very weak positions of the digital currency in the last few weeks, when it fell below the mark of 20 cents per token.

In addition, this is yet another confirmation that the positive news background is one of the main driving forces for the crypto-currency market.

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