Chinese police confiscated 200 devices for mining cryptocurrency

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The owner of the farm bought 200 units of equipment for mining and decided to save on electricity

The power supplier of the Chinese province of Anhui recorded an excessively high electricity consumption in the campus and appealed to the police. During the search activities, law enforcement officers found a whole mining farm illegally consuming electricity.

It turned out that the owner of the farm bought 200 pieces of equipment for mining bitcoin and Ethereum and initially connected to the power grid legally. However, then the miner calculated the daily spending on electricity, which amounted to almost $ 1000, and decided to cut costs and use electricity unauthorized by shorting the counter.

To some extent he did it – the leak was discovered only a month later. During this time, the attacker managed to spend about 150 kW.

The police imprisoned the mountain-miner, who, incidentally, stated that he could not earn a crypto-currency on the business of mining, and confiscated all the equipment.

This is not the first such case. Earlier, law enforcement bodies of Tianjin City seized more than 600 units of mining devices. This also happened after the local power network reported a suspiciously high level of electricity consumption.


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