Chairman CFTC: I’m not a supporter of bitcoin

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Christopher Giancarlo, who now presides over the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), said that he does not support crypto-currencies, nor is he a supporter of bitcoin.

Recall that rumours about the involvement of the head of the US department to promote digital currencies (in particular bitcoin) spread in February this year, after he made a report to the Senate.

Giancarlo said then:

“All of us are obliged to show respect to the new generation’s enthusiasm for digital currencies, and to take deliberately and in a balanced manner the issues of their regulation.”

As often happens, many crypto-enthusiasts commented on such statements in their own way, provoking a violent reaction in the crypto community. Christopher Giancarlo suddenly had a couple of tens of thousands of subscribers on Twitter, and the chairman of the CFTC even received the honorary hashtag #CryptoDad.

 “I did not think that my words uttered during the hearing of the Senate would bring me such popularity. I have never been and I am not an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency. What I actually admitted at the hearing in the Senate is that there is a community that views technology as an instrument for social transformation, “Giancarlo grieved his fans.

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