Bytecoin turned out to be a scam?

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BCN is frozen on all platforms

Yesterday Bytecoin (BCN) became the hero of the news headlines, rising in price by 166% after adding to the largest stock exchanges, such as Binance and Poloniex. Nevertheless, in the last 20 hours, all withdrawals of funds and deposits in BCN were suspended due to an error, and many investors lost money and started spreading on the Internet fear and uncertainty about the future of the cryptocurrency.

Maybe this is another scam?

Current events have generated a lot of speculative theories. Someone is sure that BCN is a scam, and others believe that the cryptocurrency market has collapsed because of too strong a pampa with a subsequent dump after adding a coin to Binance.

According to CoinMarketCap, yesterday Bytecoin (BCN) was at 15 in the rating of the largest cryptocurrency, after which it dropped to 1594 places. At the moment, the portal does not track the course of BCN, its capitalization and the volume of trade.

The Bytecoin team issued an official statement about the unforeseen problem on their website and on Twitter. Investors also tried to contact the developers of the project, but so far no response has been received.

Official Twitter Bytecoin:

“The network is experiencing an unusually high load. Transactions may be delayed, synchronization of nodes may be significantly lagging behind. The team is working hard to solve this problem. It is strongly recommended to abstain from any transfers of BCN until the situation is resolved. “


“The BCN wallet does not work. All deposits and withdrawals are turned off. “


“We cut off all deposits and Bytecoin’s findings, while the network is experiencing difficulties. Stay in touch”.

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