Bitstamp can be sold for $ 350 million

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One of the largest and oldest crypto-exchange exchanges Bitstamp can be sold for 350 million US dollars. Negotiations on the deal are being conducted with the South Korean manufacturer of online video games Nexon, however, this company is not the only buyer – according to some sources, the exchange also discussed the purchase of another unknown company at the moment, which wants to make a purchase.

At Bitstamp, which, by the way, is the only licensed European exchange and has been operating since 2011, more than 3 million users have been registered. The platform occupies the 13th position on the daily trading volume.

So far, neither side has confirmed or denied rumours about the deal, refusing to comment on the situation. At the same time, representatives of Bitstamp said that the media should closely monitor the situation.

Earlier Nexon bought Korbit for $ 80 million, and the startup Circle acquired Poloniex for $ 400 million.

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