Bitmain intends to burn 12% of commissions received from Bitcoin Cash mining

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The manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain said on April 20 on Friday that it intends to destroy the commissions charged for the Bitcoin Cash mining. This step is necessary to support the economic health of this network.

According to representatives of the Mining Pool ArtPool, a division of Bitmain, 12% of commissions will be burned, by sending funds to the so-called “burning addresses”.

Bitmain explained that Bitcoin Cash is currently undergoing a turning point and will continue to become a widely used public blockchain, and as a result of the company’s actions, the internal economy of the network will strengthen, thereby providing investors with a profit from the growth of the BCH rate.

The statement reads:

“For the ecosystem, it is important that some users actively spend BCH, while others store them, and this meets the basic requirements for maintaining a stable economy. We believe that investors should also profit from the growth of BCH because they constantly contribute to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Commissions for transactions received by miners are an important indicator of the growth of the BCH ecosystem, and if some of them are burned, this means that the miners share the income with the BCH network. “

Bitmain also calls on other pools to follow suit – to burn a certain amount of commissions for the blocks that are produced, which will become the economic policy of the Bitcoin Cash network in the future.

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