Bithumb hacked!

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The largest in South Korea and one of the largest in terms of trading in the world, the crypto-currency exchange was attacked by hackers. Judging by the tweets, from the official account of the exchange from the accounts raised $ 30 million, which is almost 10 percent of the total.

Previous Hacking Bithumb

Almost a year ago on June 29, 2017, Bithumb was also under attack. Attackers increased personal data of 31 thousand users, including their names, mobile phone numbers and email addresses, and this accounted for about 3% of all the users of the exchange at that time. Also, hackers got access to one-time passwords of users, which was enough to steal cryptocurrency from accounts. According to one of the users, he was stolen about one million dollars.

Input and withdrawal of funds are not available

At the moment, the entries and conclusions of the exchange do not work for security purposes until the exchange is reloaded.

This news adversely affected the course of cryptocurrency: bitcoin lost $ 200 (at the time of writing) in price and continues to fall, leading the altcoins.

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