Bitcoin Cash continues to grow

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The rate of cryptocurrency has reached $ 1000

Since April 18, the Bitcoin Cash rate has risen from $ 755 to $ 1,050. Dynamics of growth today is inherent in almost all crypto-currencies, and the starting point for it was the race that was observed last week. However, it was BCH that entered the number of currencies with the most impressive rates (+ 16.88% per day), while the rate of bitcoin itself is growing very restrained.

Probably, the news about the forthcoming BCH hard-fork had its influence on such dynamics. The fork will take place on May 15 to improve existing “consensus rules” in the Bitcoin Cash network by adding new Bitcoin software ABC 0.17.0. Users who manage nodes must install the update before May 15. Exchanges and purses will work together with Bitcoin Cash in order to keep the workflow intact.

One of the key reasons for the fork is the desire to increase the size of the Bitcoin Cash block to 32 MB.

Judging by the current indicators, Bitcoin Cash may be among the leaders of the crypto-currency market by dynamics, and even if there is a correction, the indicators of the cryptocurrency have a very significant chance to stay afloat, especially after the cryptocurrency has overcome the psychological mark of $ 1000.

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