Binance was forced to temporarily suspend work

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The largest exchange by the volume of trading – Binance had to suspend its work because of suspicious activity of altcoin Syscoin

The largest exchange in terms of trading volume – Binance had to suspend its work due to suspicious activity of altcoin Syscoin. After a few hours after the start of the attack, Binance suspended all transactions and started urgent ones. service.

The team of Syscoin found a problem in the functioning of the network, and immediately turned to the exchanges where their token is traded, asking for a temporary pause for input, output, and trading in Syscoin. A little later, representatives of Binance noted that the token does have an atypical activity of the blockchain, with which, directly, the strange market behavior of the SYS coin was associated.

On the exchange, over 87% of the daily trading volume of SYS involved in unnatural trading was discovered. At one point, the price of 1 Syscoin reached the mark of 96 bitcoins, which is certainly beyond the normal range. Especially, considering the fact that before such a bar it took off from the mark at 0.00004 BTC.

After sending the site to those. service, Binance reported an error with API keys, removing all existing keys and encouraging traders to update them without fail. User facilities, of course, remained untouched, and the stock exchange is already working properly.

Recall that a similar problem took place in March this year, but then the technical work took much more time.

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