Binance pleases users to support the distribution of three forks of EOS

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Exchange players will be able to get tokens IQ, DAC and EON for free, as well as vote to determine the next “token of the month”

Binance succeeds, despite the negative market background, to delight users with new features.

Among them, there are three airbornes of EOS

Historically, free distribution of coins has become a problem for exchanges, since they can expose a purse to a threat, moreover they do not directly benefit the service.

But Binance decided to support three upcoming distributions from EOS, delighting their customers. Today it is known that I’m talking about supporting IQ, DAC, and EON: three of the most famous projects based on EOS blockchain. Some users, however, took the news incorrectly, and the exchange management hastened to explain that “support” in this case concerns the receipt and output of tokens, but not trading:

“To be admitted to trading on Binance, any projects must undergo strict control procedures. We do not have an automatic listing. ”

So, despite the misunderstanding, users are grateful to the exchange for the support of forks. Although there is still no possibility of EOS withdrawal from Binance, in the future it will most likely appear, since the company is taking similar steps today.

Token of the month

Representatives of Binance, in addition, announced the support of the “token of the month” project, during which users themselves decide by vote which token should be added to the exchange. Since the last vote, more than three months have passed, but this topic for Binance users seems to be very interesting: people began to vote massively for their favorite tokens.

Voting, it is worth noting, is not equal: users express will through BNB tokens – and those who have 10 of them will be able to give 5 times fewer votes than those who have them 50. The exchange installed a “ceiling” of a possible amount of tokens in order to reduce risks manipulation of the vote: it is 500 BNB. The voting process will end on June 19, after which the exchange will check the validity of the listed tokens and announce the winner.

Listing on the exchange for any project, especially on such a large, as Binance – is always an event. So it is possible that in the near future we can see serious intrigues around the event.


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