Binance Coin: not like everyone else

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Binance Coin, Binance’s own cryptocurrency token, stands alone in the market, independent of bitcoin exchange rates and showing incredible growth against the background of a general collapse of the main global digital currency and altcoins.

Since December 2018, the cost of BNB increased by 146%. In part, this “inadequate” asset behavior is due to Binance management policies led by Changpeng Zhao, who spend quarterly their own income on buying BNB and then burning them, thus ensuring user demand in the market and, consequently, increasing the asset rate. This will continue until the initial issue of 200 million coins is halved to 100 million.

The main goal of BNB is to ensure the ecosystem of the Binance exchange, and Zhao makes a lot of efforts to ensure that platform clients use a token, for example, discount systems are created during I / O in BNB. In addition, calculations on the Binance Launchpad token sale site are made exclusively in its own cryptocurrency exchange.

Today, BNB is in the seventh position in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrency CoinMarketCap, and the weighted average rate of the coin is $ 15.

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