Baidu announces blockchain-platform stock photography

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Chinese Internet search giant Baidu is launching a blockchain-based photo stock platform to protect intellectual property rights.

The service, called Totem, began its work on Wednesday. The platform uses timestamps for each original photo tied to the user with real identity data and stores the associated data in the distributed network.

Using Baidu’s power in data collection and artificial intelligence, the platform compares the images circulating in the network with the data placed on the server, which can lead to charges of infringement of intellectual property rights.

According to the information on the site, several traditional services with stock photos also moved to the platform. Among them is the Visual China Group, a local partner of the stock market giants Getty Images.

It is not yet known whether the platform is deployed in public or private blockchain, but it is clear that this is another step from Baidu, the “Google Google”, to promote the development of the technology of blockchain.

In February, the search giant launched a service for the sale and exchange of digital pets Laici Go, in the manner of the CryptoKitties application.

Baidu is not the only major company working in the field of traditional technologies, which turned to blockchain in order to protect the rights to the digital intellectual property. So, the manufacturer of photographic materials from the United States, Kodak, announced the launch of its own blockchain-based cash management system, with which it will be possible to ensure the protection of copyright on photographs.

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