3 factors that can raise the crypto market from its knees


The situation on the market is now difficult – what can radically change the situation?

The market situation is difficult now – let’s think what can drastically change the situation for the better?

1. Bitcoin-ETF – exchange fund, the basic asset of which will be Bitcoin. An investment tool that officially, securely and safely allows you to invest in Bitcoin. It is logical that after the adoption of such an initiative, large players with large capitals will come to the market. At the moment, such investors are often afraid to mess with cryptocurrency, because There is no reliable way to invest in Bitcoin and not fear for the safety of their funds.

2. The launch of Bakkt – a platform that will become a reliable mediator with legal guarantees and certain clear obligations between the investor and the cryptocurrency. Institutional players will find an easy way to invest in Bitcoin. Bakkt will become a familiar and painfully familiar tool for all people, like the stock and traditional currency markets, which will certainly attract new players to the cryptocurrency space. However, the launch of the platform, which was to be held in December of this year, was postponed to January 2019.

3. Fidelity Investments is another world-renowned investment platform that expressed its intention to work with cryptocurrencies. An authoritative platform with a long-term immaculate history will be the guarantor of safe investment in cryptocurrency by institutional players.

As you can see, all of the above factors are based on the need for large players who can significantly increase market capitalization to enter the crypto industry. As soon as such initiatives become a reality, providing institutional investors with the opportunity to buy Bitcoin safely and securely, it is then that we will get the much-needed impetus for the “flight to the moon”.

We wait, wait and do not lose heart. Hodl.

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